The Soulcraft Story


What got me started?

I was just trying to find myself.

As I gradually became more self-aware, the creativity began to flow. I feel like jewelry chose me on this journey more than I chose it.

I used to be very shy about wearing jewelry. Now, it has now become an important part of life. Wearing jewelry helps me express myself and get a little closer to knowing who I am.

It wasn’t easy to find jewelry that I loved around me, but that is where Soulcraft began. I started creating for myself, and then I shared it with other like-minded souls. To my surprise, I found many other people around me who are also on a journey of self-understanding and whose choice of jewelry is a part of that journey.

Most of our products only get made once. Each stone is unique, which means each product is also. This reminds me that each of us is unique and individual but simultaneously unified.